Due to health issues I am currently not taking on any new clients.

Practical and Gentle

As a gentle and holistic sleep coach I believe that support for families facing sleep issues does not have to mean sleep training or cry-it-out approaches. I believe that secure attachment is at the crux of building familial bonds and enthusiastically promote child centred, attachment driven and responsive strategies that can help with sleep. Sleep is a physiological function and all children will sleep eventually. The key is supporting your family to maximise sleep for everyone.


As a holistic coach I look at sleep in reference to a lot of other factors in your family’s life. This includes diet, lifestyle, parenting style and special circumstances. It is my job to provide strategies and suggestions in line with your views on parenting that are culturally appropriate. The key is to work with you to define your goals, provide you with a plan which is sustainable and support you in achieving your goals over a length of time.
My approach is not for those looking for miracles or magic solutions. This approach takes time and considerable effort but ensures that attachment and responsive parenting is nurtured.

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