Evidence based

I offer a holistic perspective and gentle sleep solutions based on responsive and attachment parenting principles. I don’t believe that the only way to get a child to sleep is to leave them crying in a cot alone! I am available to walk this path with you and support you with the best evidence-based information out there to help you achieve realistic sleep goals.

Family dynamics

I take great care to carry cultural competence and a deep respect for your parenting style and unique family dynamic. I don’t believe there is a magic wand when it comes to sleep but I strongly believe that parents need to be supported in ensuring they are able to maximize their family’s sleep, lower stress levels and gain confidence.

Anahita was a wonderful help to our whole family. She took the time to understand the needs of all four of us and provide practical guidance and a gentle, developmentally relevant, step wise approach to achieving our whole family's sleep goals.  Anahita's reassuring support helped us to see and celebrate the progress we were making. I would highly recommend Anahita to anyone looking for holistic sleep guidance with respect for the parent-child relationship at its heart.    Cassie – Mum to Tom and Jack


One off sleep consult $160
for 60 minute Zoom consult for children of any age.

Basic Sleep Consult includes:

  • A 60 min virtual video chat
  • Discussion on your major sleep challenges
  • Sharing of simple strategies and a recap email
  • Quick wins hand out
  • No follow-up support

This is best if you are facing specific challenges like nap transitions, travel, weaning amongst others

Sleep Consult with 1 week Whats App support $240

Sleep Consult with 2 weeks Whats App support $310

1 or 2 weeks of  unlimited messaging support on Whatsapp between 8am and 8pm

Platinum Package $850
for children 6 months onwards.

This includes:

  • A 90 min in person chat
  • Discussion on your major sleep challenges
  • A bespoke follow up written plan of action
  • Quick wins hand out
  • 4 weeks of unlimited messaging support on Whatsapp between 8am and 8pm
  • 2 follow up calls of 30 mins each

This package is best if you would like more in depth and extended support to work on sleep challenges you are facing with your child.

Premium Sleep Package (6 weeks)
$950 for children 6 months onwards. Add on $150 for a sibling.

This includes:

  • Sleep diary which will be sent to you
  • A 90-minute virtual/in person chat
  • Quick wins hand out
  • A detailed bespoke sleep plan emailed to you within 3 days of our consult
  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp support from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday for 4 weeks from the date the plan is sent
  • 5 follow-up virtual chats of 30 minutes each

This is best if you have major sleep challenges and would need support over an extended period of time to support your child in a gentle manner.

1 week of follow up support $80
per week

Can only be booked after the 1 hr sessions
This includes unlimited WhatsApp and Email support from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

Newborn Sleep Shaping (2 weeks)

This includes:

  • A 90-minute chat in person or virtually
  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp support for 2 weeks after the consultation
  • One follow-up chat of 30 minutes within one month of the consult
  • Infant sleep handouts with information on factors that affect newborn sleep, regulating the body clock, responsive feeding and parenting, sleepy cues, introducing sleep routines and using gentle strategies to encourage better sleep

This is best if you have a young infant and would like to have a better understanding of infant sleep and develop strategies to help them develop their sleep in an age and developmentally appropriate manner.

Virtual Sleep Group Workshops
$95 per couple

These workshops are based on my gentle, age-appropriate and responsive style of sleep support. At no point will I make suggestions that are not respectful to you or your little one. This workshop will give you a greater understanding of sleep, and you will leave feeling calmer and more confident, armed with knowledge and some tricks up your sleeve.

Infant Workshop – 0-6 Months
2 hours
$95 per couple

Older Infants Workshop – 6-18 Months
2 hours
$95 per couple

Toddlers and beyond – 18 months onward
2 hours
$95 per couple

Contact me for a free
20-minute 'no obligation' chat to learn more about how I can support you